Delegate Preparation

Delegate Preparation Guide
Northwest Model United Nations provides the Delegate Preparation Guide annually to help team leadership and individual delegates to prepare for the conference. The Delegate Preparation Guide includes everything other than the background information on the committees and topics - this information is available in the committee background guides. Specifically, the Delegate Preparation Guide includes the rules of procedure, floor plans and room assignments, and the delegate code of conduct, among other information.

Delegate Preparation and Training Session
Additionally, the conference facilitates a Delegate Preparation and Training Session on the first day of the conference, just prior to Opening Ceremonies.  This session is open to everyone who wishes to attend - we especially encourage delegates who have never done MUN before, and those who have participated in other conferences but who have never attended NWMUN conferences before, to attend.

Background Guides
Background Guides for each committee are available on the Committees and Topics page

Codes of Conduct

Rules of Procedure
2019-2020 Rules of Procedure - Short Form [PDF] (for all committees)
2019-2020 Rules of Procedure - Long Form [PDF] (for all committees) 

Position Papers
The deadline for NWMUN-Portland 2020 Position Papers is Sunday, 2 February 2020 at 11:59 pm (Pacific).
Please submit all position papers using our online form:

Outcome Documents
2019-2020 Working Paper Template [DOCX] (for GA, UNFPA, and SC; not used by HRC-UPR)
2019-2020 HRC-UPR Working Paper Template [DOCX] (for HRC-UPR only)